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本文摘要:China has become the first country to receive more than 1m patent applications in a year — a record the World Intellectual Property Organisation (Wipo) said reflected “extraordinary” levels of innovation in the world’s most populous nation.中国已沦为首个在一年里法院专利申请多达100万件的国家;世界知识产权组织(WIPO)回应,这个纪录体现出有全球人口最少的国家“非凡”的创意水平。


China has become the first country to receive more than 1m patent applications in a year — a record the World Intellectual Property Organisation (Wipo) said reflected “extraordinary” levels of innovation in the world’s most populous nation.中国已沦为首个在一年里法院专利申请多达100万件的国家;世界知识产权组织(WIPO)回应,这个纪录体现出有全球人口最少的国家“非凡”的创意水平。“[The Chinese] are making innovation a central part of their economic strategy,” Francis Gurry, director-general of the UN agency, said at a briefing in Geneva.“(中国人)正在把创意作为其经济战略的核心部分,”这个联合国机构的总干事弗朗西斯.高锐(Francis Gurry)在日内瓦举办的一个摘要会上回应。While sceptics have long argued that China’s patent figures are skewed by state-driven filing targets, intellectual property lawyers argue they also reflect the country’s growing inventiveness.虽然怀疑者仍然指出中国的专利数据被国家驱动的申请人指标所变形,但知识产权律师坚称,这些数据也体现了中国与日俱增的创造性。

“The Chinese government still wants people to file patents and they get explicit and implicit rewards for doing so,” said Erick Robinson, a Beijing-based patent lawyer. “But the quality of patents in China is improving at breathtaking speed.”“中国政府依然期望人们申请专利,专利申请者取得显性和隐性的奖励,”在北京工作的专利律师罗瑞克(Erick Robinson)回应。“但中国的专利质量于是以以难以置信的速度提升。”According to Wipo figures, China’s patent office received 1,101,864 applications in 2015 from both domestic and foreign filers, accounting for almost 40 per cent of the global total and more than the next three countries — the US, Japan and Korea — combined.根据世界知识产权组织的数字,中国国家知识产权局2015年从国内外申请者法院了110.1864万件专利申请,占到全球总量近40%,多达美国、日本和韩国三个国家的总和。

“Once again we see an increasing dominance by Asia as the origin of filing activity for intellectual property,” Mr Gurry added, noting that Asian countries had received more than 60 per cent of total patent filings last year.“我们再行一次看见亚洲日益沦为知识产权申请人活动的主要起源,”高锐补足说道。他认为,亚洲国家去年法院了全球60%以上的专利申请。“The Chinese government’s strategic policies are encouraging innovation,” said Zhang Xuemei at Janlea, a Beijing intellectual property agency. “Chinese companies are also more aware of the importance of protecting their IP.”“中国政府的战略政策希望创意,”北京楞伽知识产权机构(Janlea)的张雪梅回应。“中国企业也更为意识到维护知识产权的重要性。

”Mr Robinson cited WeChat, the social media platform developed by internet group Tencent, as an example of Chinese innovation at its best. “WeChat took some functionality from a lot of other applications but just made it better,” he said.罗瑞克提及互联网集团(Tencent)研发的社交媒体平台微信(WeChat),称之为其是中国式创意的典范。“微信从其他很多应用程序糅合了一部分功能,但就是做到得更佳,”他说道。



However, Yang Yuzhou, a Shanghai patent lawyer at Dacheng Law, noted that China, unlike the US, recognised “utility model” patents, which are typically easier to secure, and protect inventions for a shorter period of time than standard patents. “It’s also much cheaper to file for patents in China than in the US and Japan,” he said.然而,北京中兴(上海)律师事务所的专利律师杨宇宙认为,与美国有所不同,中国否认“实用新型”专利,这类专利一般更容易取得,而且维护发明者的期限比标准专利要较短一些。“在中国申请专利的成本也比美国和日本要低廉得多,”他说道。

China is also becoming a more attractive jurisdiction for patent infringement disputes, given the speed with which its court system processes cases. Companies whose intellectual property has been stolen can also secure bans that prevent the infringing party from selling in China’s vast market or exporting from the country — a crippling blow given China’s centrality to global supply chains.考虑到中国法院系统处置案件的速度,中国还正在沦为在处置专利侵权行为纠纷方面极具吸引力的司法管辖区。知识产权被盗取的公司还可以申请人取得禁令,禁令侵权行为方在中国的极大市场销售,或从中国出口——鉴于中国在全球供应链上占有的中心地位,这是一个沉重打击。In terms of overseas filings, US patent holders lodged the most applications, ahead of Japan and Germany. Mr Gurry said this reflected the importance of trade and foreign investment to the US business community.在海外专利申请方面,美国专利持有人提交最多申请人,其次是日本和德国。

高锐称之为,这体现了贸易和外国投资对美国商业界的重要性。President-elect Donald Trump has, however, pledged to withdraw from President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which would have bound the US more closely to 11 other Pacific trading nations.但是,美国被选为总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)已允诺解散巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)总统推展达成协议的《横跨太平洋伙伴关系协议》(TPP),这个贸易协定本来不会使美国与11个其他太平洋贸易国家更加密切地联系在一起。

Separately, Wipo said trademark applications surged 16 per cent worldwide to 5.9m last year, while industrial design applications increased 2.3 per cent globally to 873,000. China led the world in both categories as well.另外,世界知识产权组织回应,去年全球商标申请人攀升16%,超过590万件;全球工业设计知识产权申请人快速增长2.3%,超过87.3万件。中国在这两个领域也都领先于世界。Mr Trump recently won a protracted trademark case against a Chinese construction services company that had registered the Trump brand.特朗普最近夺得一起推迟已幸的商标案,对方是一家登记了特朗普品牌的中国建筑服务公司。